QbTest from QbTech

Our practice uses QbTest, one of the widest FDA cleared medical device that provides objective data for diagnosing and treating ADHD for patients ages 6-60. The evidence-based testing performed in our clinic is different than traditional testing that you may have seen or have familiarity with.

QbTest helps to increase safety, improve the quality of care we can provide our patients, enhance our assessment visits for initial evaluation of ADHD symptoms and to help measure how our patients are responding to treatment that has been prescribed by their provider.

QbTest involves a 15 to 20 minute, nonverbal, continuous performance test that appears on the computer. QbTest is a computer assisted attention and impulse control task and simultaneous recording of activity using an infrared camera for very precise motion measurements. If an ADHD diagnosis is established, QbTest is used to help monitor the patient’s response to treatment, and aids our clinic in achieving treatment optimization. If it is determined that you do have ADHD, follow up testing will be required once treatment is prescribed.

We strive to individualize the care and treatment for our patients and our goal is to bring more objective measures to the process of diagnosing and treating those with ADHD in our community.

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